Description 06 - CBC Time

I dig deep into our public broadcaster as it faces its biggest crossroads ever. Why should I care? You'll find out, and hear from a Nobel laureate, a former Prime Minister and Canadians who spearheaded the latest podcasting revolution.

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Associated links (deep breath...):
CBC on Wikipedia
CBC Unplugged
(Jeff Allen just told me that in the podcast, I referred to this site as CBC Unlocked. D'oh! Sorry. Thanks, Jeff - who also encouraged me to go to the second meetup. CBC Unlocked is the one below...)
CBC Unlocked (locked-out CBC'ers writing news stories they should've been writing for cbc.ca if they weren't locked out.)
The Caravan Unlocked (Shelagh Rogers' cross-country blog/podcasts)
King of Kensington on Wikipedia
Great Ottawa Citizen article on The Beachcombers (Strangely, on a site about the great Canadian actor Bruce Greenwood, who evidently guest-starred)
Massey Hall
R.H. Thomson's ShakespeareWorks
Alice Munro in the Canadian Encyclopedia
Royal Canadian Air Farce
The Right Honourable Joe Clark on about.com
June Callwood in the CBC archives
Jian Ghomeshi (or, as we called him when he was CYSF President at York U., "Jean Ghomeshi")
Dr. John C. Polanyi
Parachute Club

Dang, that's a lot of links. There are even more blogs and such, but you can go to the huge list of links to them on CBC Unplugged while they all remain or mutate into what they will become.

This podcast has the maximum edits I will EVER do for a podcast EVER! So many people doing so much different cool stuff. This whole CBC Lockout thing, while an event that shouldn't have happened in the first place, gave a lot of people's heads a shake, including mine. And it gave me some amazing new experiences. (Yes, it's all about me...)

Once of the cool things that happened is I met Justin Beach, another US expat who married a nice Canadian girl and found himself in the middle of this lockout thing. He's smarter than me, and just about as nuts. I met him at Tod Maffin's first meetup I mentioned a while ago. At the second one last Thursday, he generously offered to host the podcast files, so I'm taking him up on it in the next couple weeks. You may have noticed I've taken the first step and moved the feed to feedburner. Again, it's a process, so bear with me.

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