Day Job Plug

I haven't talked much about my day job on the podcast yet, even though it influenced the podcast's name. Description (audio description, video description, descriptive video, described video - we can't even settle on a damn term, but we call it described video around here) is hard to explain without playing examples, and it's a bit trickier dancing around matters of copyright when it involves the company who pays you money (and the companies whose material we describe). Hopefully someday I can find a way to make it work. But for the moment, as our company continues to work on a new website, I can direct you to a project running via streaming tonight and tomorrow. (Yeah, great notice, huh? Sorry. I have the Canadian inept-promotion gene.)

Now the CBC has settled and all is back to abnormal, they're premiering the two-part miniseries Trudeau II: Maverick In the Making, which is a prequel to the brilliant Trudeau miniseries we did a couple years ago (available now with our DV on DVD, ahem). It's on CBC-TV tonight and tomorrow night at 8pm eastern each night, and the DV is on the SAP (Secondary Audio Program) on regular and digital cable, and on its own channel on Bell ExpressVu.

Whether you get the SAP in Canada depends on your region, cable system, and a bunch of crap I haven't figured out yet. It's a total pain in the ass. And of course, other countries have their own setups. But this airing cuts through all that, because the DV audio is also running on our sister station VoicePrint Canada, which streams online. It's an .asx thing, but it's something. So wherever you are in this big ol' world, if you have a chance, duck in and catch a minute of it and go "ooooh, so THAT's what she does. That's kinda cool."

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