Description 30 - Tim Horton's

Finding a Canadian institution where I least expected it, I follow its history and the life of its namesake as I drive back to Toronto after the holidays. Features music by Memory Bank, a mic that will never be the same, and a kid dressed like a jelly bean.

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Okay, so why'd it take a whole frigging month? Uh... To be honest, I think it's because I've been in Second Life too much. My best friends there now are in Europe, so when I get home from work, there's a short time before they sleep, so we hang out...and then when they're gone, I hang out some more. Sheesh. Sorry. So if you're there and see Valerie Bethune...
...you can say hi and ask what the hell I'm doing there instead of doing a show. And then I'll probably mute you. :-)

This episode marks the d├ębut of the GarageBand I got for Christmas. I've started out by just using it for the mixing (which is the main reason I wanted it) and will eventually learn more about editing and the EQ settings. So far, it's much easier in a few ways than Audacity, but based on what little I know, there's way less control over the formats for export. I'll keep futzing.

The location where I started the episode was about half a mile up the street from where three years ago, a man went through a horrible experience you might recall. He was the pizza delivery man who got attached to a bomb by someone who then forced him to attempt to rob a bank on Upper Peach Street in Erie. Later caught in a standoff, with no one having any idea how to defuse the bomb, with cops and media watching, the bomb went off and the guy was killed. It's odd to drive by some place where you know someone has been blown up. But if you're doing that, it's nice to drive into Tim's, get some coffee and donuts and head back up to Canada.