Description 19 - NXNE '06 part 1

We appreciate the 3 nights everyone comes to Toronto to rock and talk. Enjoy the distorted music of Stella Panacci, C'mon and White Cowbell Oklahoma - and the metal picnic tables of the new Pennsylvania Welcome Center.

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Stella Panacci
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White Cowbell Oklahoma
Opening of the new Pennsylvania Welcome Center on I-90 at the New York line

Sorry much of the music is distorted, but you're only just supposed to get a feel for the stuff anyway. Hear that, lawyers?

The first time I saw the Cowbell, it was about 4 or 5 years ago at the Reverb (a club we'll visit in the next episode). There were 9 guys on the fairly large stage; most of them slinging guitars and wearing fu-manchu-ish mustaches and beat-up cowboy hats. One guy not slinging a guitar was dressed like a sheriff, wearing mirrored shades and toting a shotgun. The remaining guy was behind the keyboards: called "The Wizard," he was clean-shaven with a conical wizard's hat and cape, and wore a Washington Wizards (NBA) t-shirt. The Wizard was the only one allowed to play the titular white cowbell.

There was some wrestling match later - I can't remember who was in that one. Elvis, I think. Elvis and Santa Claus? Or did Santa Claus wrestle Satan later? They all glom together... So anyway, you can tell now that the Cowbell is the kind of rock show that could fit in just fine at a Fringe Theatre festival. The guys in Edinburgh should check them out. And if you're a long-time listener (seriously? God bless you, dude!) and find this Cowbell stuff familiar, in the 6 Ross episode, someone had just come from a White Cowbell housewarming party. Yes, the mind does reel. :-)

And yes, Mom is doing very well now, thank you.