Description 64 - The Jersey Canuck @ The Bloor

I go to a place where I worked illegally to listen to a famous American guy caught up in a romance with Canada that echoes my own. Includes music by The Ambers, candy bars in Tupperware, Alanis yelling and the return of the King of Kensington.

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I have a couple more dots to connect. Alanis also played God in Dogma. When that film caused a big ol' ruckus among panicky, crusading people who thought it was anti-Catholic (it's not), movie distributors got all spooked about releasing it. Who had the cojones to take it on? A fledgling outfit at the time called Lion's Gate Pictures - which, faithful to its name, was born in Vancouver. When I worked at AudioVision, we described quite a few films of theirs, but unfortunately not that one. I had to content myself with narrating and producing description for American Psycho (filmed in Toronto, btw), another film that courted controversy and my favourite one we did while I was there.

Speaking of Vancouver, Kevin is doing another snazzy Q&A ("An Evening With...") at the Centre For Performing Arts March 27. It's not confirmed as of me writing this that he'll turn up the next night at a Clerks Festival showing I&II at the Rio Theatre, but it still sounds like a good time.

If you're new because you've found this through some sort of Kevin Smith/View Askew-related search/link, hiya. Here are some useful things to know:

1) This podcast isn't about me going to movies, although I've now done two episodes in a row where that happens. Those are the only two movies I've seen in six months, and that's a lot for me.
2) Yes, I realized too late my spring jacket makes rustling noises when I walk.
3) I can't believe I said "I'll drink the Kool-Aid" twice. That was just wrong.
4) Yes, there may be samples in this episode that aren't the most legal in the world. I'm gutless, but I don't make money off this thing.
5) The editing isn't meant to be tight - it's a style I took from the Modern Roadie Cast. For more professional-sounding editing, check out my other podcast.
6) To the question "When does she stop talking?", the answer is "Eventually. Pack a lunch."


TO In 6 Words

(New episode next week. I hope.)

Today is the 175th birthday of the city in the title of this podcast. In part to celebrate, Jaime Woo of Torontoist (yes, they're still around!) and Suresh Doss of Spotlight Toronto put together a short film with various Torontonians - well-known, partially-known, unknown - to do the same things: introduce themselves (usually involving how long they've lived here), name their favourite part of the city, and describe Toronto in exactly six words. Jaime writes about the process here. For those who haven't been here, it's a really nice snapshot of the place and the people who help make it what it is...whatever that is.

So how would I have done what these people did?

Well, I'm Valerie and I first came from Ohio to live in Toronto in 1986 for university and lived here for about four years, then was able to come back for a year in 1996, and have been back again for 10 years with no sign of stopping.

My favourite place in Toronto is The Annex, where I've lived for about five years. I love all the things I can experience here just by walking around.

And how would I describe Toronto in 6 words? Jeez, I haven't even pulled it off in 63 podcast episodes! But I formulated what I would've said before watching this video that I've embedded below, and one of the people came sort of close to it.

Home home home home home home.