Description 07 - The Last 6 Ross Party

An era ends as a house gets condemned and a pack of musicians and ne'er-do-wells grow up in spite of ourselves. Includes music by Galore, Brian Dennehy's deep fried PB&J and someone throwing a mixing board at a television.

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White Cowbell Oklahoma (had a housewarming party the same night, and THEY know how to use a dang fog machine)

Much of this podcast sounds particularly weird, especially the host stuff in the apartment. It's like all the creepy, tinny sounds we hate about noise-reduction without the actual noise-reduction. Oh, well. C'est le podcast.

So many more beautiful people could've been mentioned on this 6 Ross episode: Stewart Whitehead (ex-Grace Babies, now Talladega) had a story about Kevin burning something in the kitchen because he was in the shower "multitasking". Ron Koop of Tim Mech's Peep Show was a core 6 Ross-er (with Kev and Gooch and the Doctor) who didn't make it to the party, but you heard him talking CFL on Description 05. And Moe Berg (who you heard on Description 01 and produced the Galore track in this episode) would've been around except for the fact he was DJ'ing as usual at The Tap, which is where you're most likely to see the guys on any other Saturday night around last call. It's because of Moe I know any of these people (and many others I'm leaving out), and I may be more indebted to him for that than anything else.

I don't care what Kevin says: I watched Craig trying to take down the huge model of the Enterprise that used to hang from the centre room while Bonnie was crushing beer cans. That was so not like them, and I can't make shit like that up.

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