Once upon a time...

Last month, I was hedging about just doing these little podcasts occasionally, and now here I am with a message from libsyn saying I've exceeded my monthly space limit! So it's pretty academic there'll be no podcast this week. I still have material from the CBC End the Lockout rally and now last night's final 6 Ross party (more on that later) burning a hole in my iRiver. Oh, well. Newbies have to learn to pace themselves...uh, and maybe shut up a little more? Yeah, working on that.

Turns out a tiny piece of that End the Lockout recording is up somewhere else, though. The following night, I was honoured to attend a meetup (my first "meetup"! Cool.) Tod Maffin had put together at a local restaurant not far from the CBC Broadcast Centre. It was great to speak in more detail with Tod and a wonderful group of geeks, locked-out CBCers and supporters. During the night, Tod noted that he'd like to get his hands on the rally's eloquent speech by the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark (long-time Progressive Conservative leader and Prime Minister for a cup of coffee starting in 1979) so he could transcribe it. Remembering I'd recorded it, I got to my iRiver when I got home and listened for it. Since I'd been in the right balcony, the levels were all over the place, so I did some very quick and very dirty amplifications on Audacity so he'd get the words, then I fired it off to him. Just found out this morning he's put the track on his space and it inspired a Saturday post on CBCUnplugged with props to me! Wicked! The messy amps are still intact, which is kinda cringe-y, but the message is intact as well, and that's what's important.

So there I was in Description 02 talking about Tod and how he and other CBC people have utilised podcasting and blogging in new and historic ways, and now I find myself playing a tiny part in it. Such is the fairytale nature of this podcasting thing.

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