Description 03 - Niagara

Off I go to Niagara Falls to meet the parents almost halfway. We smuggle the iRiver into the Fallsview Casino and find a great place there you can enjoy for free. And ever wonder why the falls haven't been worn all the way down by erosion? Dad has some little-known facts...

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Associated links:
Niagara Fallsview Casino
Niagara Falls Tourism
Niagara River Water Diversion (if you're like my Dad and watch lots of the Discovery Channel)

I take no responsibility for what I write on the rest of this post, because I happen to be at the cafe where I started, and they're playing Hilary Duff's Most Wanted. Is it just me, or is her face starting to look like Kylie Minogue's?

Btw, no music on this episode, unless you count the background tunes in the casino and in the park: Turtles, Frankie Valli, Seals & Crofts, Bryan Adams, and of course Chris DeBurgh. Even without the music, the show is still getting longer - a trend I'll try to stem. (Shutting up might be a thought...) Also, I'm still working on remembering to turn down the recording volume so I'm not so bloody loud.

I'm not saying much here about Hurricane Katrina because a) the podcasts aren't especially time-specific, b) I don't think anyone's visiting this blog yet and c) there are a tons of other blogs, podcasts and sites doing a remarkable job. I did my thing at the Canadian Red Cross site a few days ago, then just learned my beautiful hosts at libsyn are offering free basic service for a year for anyone who puts up a $50 donation! Oh, well. I probably would've felt wierd doing that anyway, getting something in return. But good for those guys for such a great idea. I think the best site to start with - whether you're deciding where to donate, have something more to donate than cash (volunteer time, geek stuff, etc.), or you're looking for people - is the Katrina Help Wiki. And for some good old-fashioned venting, dig the Rabbit Blog, where that girl is kicking some ass what needs kicking.

The country I come from isn't looking very good at the moment. But this is another chance for the vast majority of good, well-meaning, humane Americans to rise up against the ones who set everybody up for this with painful short-sightedness at best, and...I shudder to think...at worst.

Okay, now they're starting to play Lindsay Lohan. I better get out of here.

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