Description 04 - Everybody's Famous

Scenes from the Toronto International Film Festival, which may or may not include big stars, screaming girls with varying motivations, a parade of singing Christians and errands that don't get done. And why would it matter? I also stop by the CNE midway for more joyful noise.

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I'm trying to make the shows shorter, so here's something that didn't make the cut on this episode. After the stuff that's in the soundseeing tour in Yorkville, I walked toward home past the Hotel InterContinental, another hotel with a great deal of film festival action (junkets and the like). I decided to take a shortcut around the side past the SkyLounge, a courtyard with a balcony and nice greenery. People and cameras were scattered about as casual interviews were going on. I was the only one on the other side of the low fence, pretending to talk on my cellphone as the iRiver was running, so I didn't want to spend much time there gawking.

In my glancing, I noticed David Boreanaz ("Angel," though he's in a new series and was promoting the film These Girls), but no one else in particular. There was this one guy, though, sitting at a table, looking toward me. I had a hard time not staring, first because he was a striking-looking guy, and second because he looked like Cillian Murphy, best-known perhaps for Red Eye, Batman Returns and 28 Days Later, but whom I know best for playing Scarlett Johansen's boytoy in Girl With a Pearl Earring, a film we described at work (a friend helped me get the pronunciation of his name at the time). But for all the trivial who's-in-town chatter I'd heard during the fest, I hadn't heard that Cillian Murphy had a film in it, so I concluded he was simply a guy who just looked like him. Back and forth I paced, jabbering into my phone and my iRiver, glancing around and describing as best I could, and my eyes kept going back to this guy, whose piercing eyes would then meet mine, and cause me to glance away again. Eventually I walked off and to home, searching my vast knowledge for a Cillian Murphy film that would be here, and finding nothing. Oh well, but man, that guy looked like Cillian Murphy. Maybe I'd see him around town some other time, and that would be cool, because he was pretty hot and he'd been looking at me.

The next night on Rogers Televsion, I saw the red carpet coverage of a new Irish film starring Liam Neeson.

And there was Cillian Murphy.

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