Me on CMHP, and an Election Message

Yeah, I'm here again already. Like I sort of mentioned earlier, I was at another of those podcaster meetups last month, which was very enjoyable, and inevitably there was some guy walking around with a snazzy recorder asking questions and taping us. Actually, there were at least two - another was a writer for The Star, probably that ID section. ANYWAY. This one guy Mark chatted with me for a while about my show and podcasting and whatever, and I blathered my head off. Well, Mark put that chat and others with other podcasters on his own podcast, called CMHP Radio. (Ah, radio - will we never let you go?) He sent me a gmail long ago that he'd put my stuff up, but...uh...I'd forgotten the password of my description gmail and couldn't get in it, then since I have my regular gmail and my life has been nuts I sort of let it go until I realised, "Man, I've got that other address on the blog" and finally got into it. So let me be the last to say thanks, Mark.

I've heard it, and fortunately, it did not make me curl up under my desk (plenty of other things to make that happen). I may go so far as to say that in that interview, I am only half as loud and annoying as I was with Dubber and Spoons. So if you're curious about what I'm actually trying to accomplish with this little podcast (because heaven knows I was curious), then head over there and listen to what Mark calls Isr4. Then listen to the more useful interviews with the other people who were at that meetup.

The next podcast is going to be recorded around the time of the federal election here next Monday, so much of what I'm going to say on it will be pretty much after the fact. So this is what I'll say now: PLEASE GO VOTE! PAY SOME FRICKIN' ATTENTION! I'm of the camp who thinks you should vote for whomever will help your riding be a better place to live (Americans, I'll explain ridings later.), because the Prime Minister's going to screw up one way or another whoever he/she is. However, I must add that I'm also of the camp that is scared of Stephen Harper. Well, "scared" is a strong word, but we've learned in the US that just because a guy isn't threatening in a competent way, that doesn't mean he can't do damage worth your fear. Harper should go down where I come from, stay there and leave us alone. But regardless, all Canadians MUST VOTE. Oh, and though I'm not a big Liberal backer, if you haven't checked out Scott Feschuk's Blackberry Blog yet, you have one more week to go and laugh like you're stoned. Even if you're not. Thank you.

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