Description 10 - Boxing Day in the USA

Celebrating a great Canadian holiday where no one knows what it is, in my hometown. Ancient sounds, torn-down wonderlands and candy bars gone wrong, recorded with the help of the root beer glass mic stand. With cameos by two horses and the University of Pittsburgh Marching Band.

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Associated links:
Boxing Day at Wikipedia (finally, the real answer...maybe)
Miniature Pinscher
Quaker Steak and Lube
Cadbury's Crunchie Bar
Pitt Talking Bottle Opener!

See, I told you I'd come up with a damn show. :-)

Thanks to Ron, Julie and Gord for putting up with me and my root beer mic stand. Julie thought there'd be nothing worth describing at her place for a podcast - while she had all the new presents, baking, work-type stuff (piles of shirts and associated tour merch, which is her stock and trade), cats indoors and out, and a wall shelf full of model horses. Of course, we didn't cover any of this because we got all fascinated with the Crunchie bars. Perhaps another day.

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