Another month, huh?

Today I saw Tod Maffin's announcement that he's snazzed up and relaunched Canada Podcasts.ca, so I went over there to see if what was up with my listing. [To review, when I first submitted it, the guys listed the podcast as "Valerie In Toronto" without the "Description" part, I noted this to Ryan at Sounds Sustainable at a meetup, and he sorted it with the editors at the time, although it stayed at the bottom of the alphabetical Ontario list. Tod took over again, and the listing lost its "Description" again.] Sure enough, the listing was the same. But then I noticed that I hadn't updated my feed link to feedburner, for which I can't blame any of those guys. So I was about to change my listing, then I saw the bit about how you have to have at least two episodes up and the most recent has to have been put up in the last 30 days.


I have the same lame-ass excuses I had last time, so for a change of pace, here's some of the stuff I have planned for when I actually get new episodes together.

Speaking of Ryan, at the last meetup, I made fun of him for having hours and hours of material recorded but no new shows for a long while. And so now...I have hours of material recorded but no new shows for a long while. (I'll take my crow with peanut sauce, thank you.)

The first show I'll cobble together (and I started, honest - it's on my work computer) is about spending Boxing Day back home in Ohio, a place that of course does not have Boxing Day, at least not in the official paid-holiday actual-term-for-it sense. It'll have my mom (who's called it "packing day") using an ancient contraption to get her bowling league paperwork done and my best American friends testing out a great Canadian candy bar gone horribly wrong.

Then there's the stuff I recorded in the days following back up here during something I called (and the London Free Press stole the term!) Reunion Tour Week, where the nice people I do a website about, The Pursuit of Happiness, promote their new best-of CD by playing five shows in six days for the first time in eons. I try to explain how I got in this wierd situation, hang out post-show in Waterloo, and do a soundseeing tour of Union Station in Toronto before embarking on a train to the London (ON) New Year's Eve show. (A new excuse for not getting any new episodes out is that I had to finish a photo gallery about the week for the website. See? Here's proof!)

But probably before that TPOH ep., I'll do something about the federal election, which is creeping up fast. As I type this, the latest leaders debate is happening, and I've made a point to ignore it. Not that I'm not interested - I've voted in every election here since they let me - but that debate's not going to tell me anything I don't know. I know who I'm going to vote for, and I know it may not have much effect on who becomes Prime Minister. (For you non-parliamentary countries, I'll try to explain all that when I do this episode.) In the meantime, though, I'd like to direct your attention to an awesome blog that involves the election campaign. One of my favourite smart-ass column writers ever, Scott Feschuk, has been a speechwriter for current PM Paul Martin for the last while, and he's been doing a blog on his Blackberry while he's on the road with his boss and their merry band of Liberals (if there's such a thing). Why it's on the official Liberal Party site I don't know, because it's not very deep on the issues, unless your idea of "the issues" are pranks in the back of the bus, the Marmaduke comic, eating copious amounts of ham and matching wits with the "Conservative Spin-O-Matic 3000 Blogging Supercomputer and Water-Pik." Regardless of your country or political system, this thing is freaking hilarious. So please click here and go read it, and while you catch up on Blog Boy's antics, I'll see if I can get that Boxing Day thing hammered out. Uh, after I sleep. And go to work and have to do all kinds of stuff there's no time for. And sleep.

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