The Morning After

In the rather pleasant light of dawn, though seen through eyes almost swollen shut from lack of sleep, it's pretty clear I'm not technically ready to be podcasting to any regular extent (the plan has been to do it weekly, but when do my plans ever work out?). I'll see how audioblog reacts to my queries, see if I can come up with another episode in the next couple weeks, and think about things being more regular in the next month, when my financial situation improves markedly. (And welcome to my long sentences.)

In the meantime, I guess I'll keep this blog going, in part to document my progress. Why let these long sentences in me go to waste? (Uh, don't answer that.)

When I got this jacked-up iMac CRT last year used at CPUsed, I didn't know there was such a thing as podcasting. I was just going to continue on with my site and maybe record audition mp3s for my freelance voiceover work. So this contraption looked pretty good at the time, although I didn't expect the noise it makes. Now, a year on, it's a very different world, while I and my same old anxieties live in it. I swear, me and computers is getting like my mom and dad and cars: get something used, and it's only a few months before we have our eye out for something else used that just a leeeeetle bit better. I didn't think I was like that, but here I am.

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