And so the learning begins. Description 01

Holy jeez, this doing my first podcast has been nothing but fun. And now the sarcasm has been established. :-)
My iMac can't handle 40 minutes of Audacity-native file, my MXL 990 mic got buzzier than usual, so I switched to the iRiver, a battery went dead, things that were supposed to be 44.1 ended up 32, someone else has description.blogspot.com, I forgot to take my Traveldrive to the cafe and used a computer with no CD-RW, so I just have the file that's on audioblog...and how did my 21MB file become 8MB? Yes, you people who have done, say, more than one podcast can answer that, and wonder why I'd go through all this newbie nonsense. We may find out someday. Or maybe there are clues in the podcast itself. (I'm not a newbie at teasing, evidently.)

[8.18: I've deleted the episode description because it's up on the post where I uploaded the podcast well and proper, and the audioblog subscribe/download links, because they're no good.]

If you're getting the idea of how green I am here, you'll have already assumed I haven't gotten to bothering with iTunes publishing yet. And you'd be right.

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