Description 01, and this time I mean it.

Because I've shed audioblog, had a dalliance with podbus, and now have settled happily with libsyn. (Thank you Mitch at lockergnome!) To make up for the cafe computer not burning and not accepting my flash drive, I uploaded to my xdrive account (which I hadn't visited in a long while) with their new snazzy accelerator feature, which was quite impressive. Downloaded again this morning, burned proper to keep, and fired it up to libsyn. And there it sits in all its newbie full-sized glory for you to enjoy or at least tolerate.

So, the "description" for the episode?
Yikes, it's the alpha version of this podcast. What's the deal with calling this thing "description"? I try to explain while mikes go goofy and neighbours play classical music loudly. Also, music from Moe Berg, getting everything but Greek at Taste of the Danforth, and Canada's National Band of the Naval Reserve gets funky.

Here's what you use to subscribe.
Here's where you download if you're so danged impatient. (Winning you over, ain't I?)

And as if this wasn't enough, it turns out my voice was on the BBC today! I did know the regional tv show Midlands Today would have a report on podcasting featuring Dubber and Spoons Take the Bus, a very entertaining podcast out of Birmingham I guested on Canada Day (buscast 030) while in England and voiced a promo for when I got back home. What I didn't know was that part of the revised promo would be played on the report! WTF?! At any moment, my head could still implode.
Click here to get it on Real Player.
And here's the associated website article that makes me sound kind of psychotic, since, well, I may have been. But tv's Dr. David Gregory got it wrong that I paid for my bus ticket - the guys did both times. Maybe more on the whole lovely day another time.

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