Extra: FutuRéale Interview

As if it wasn't already nuts that someone would want to interview me for a magazine, I was also allowed to bring you stuff that didn't make it to the article.

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FutuRéale is viewed through a Flash Magazine Viewer (sorry, text readers - let me know if you need a text version), so go to the August '08 issue here, hover over the Table of Contents on the left, then click on "An American in Toronto."

Some clarifications: I watched hockey games on Wednesdays (Leafs on CHCH) and Saturdays (Hockey Night in Canada, natch); my Canadian radio influences were Steve Anthony, Pete & Geets, Chris Sheppard, Brent Bambury and Liz Janik (who I was up against musically in the Edmonton and Vancouver CRTC hearings - yikes). And of course, the numero uno directory of Canadian podcasts is canadapodcasts.ca.

Also, Irma reminded me that her first transcript of this thing was 10,000 words, she cut it down to 5,000 and then it was cut down further to 1,800. Whew.

To learn more about Irma Gagnon's other cool projects, check out Yoko Sanchez Speaks and the myspace site for the Yoko Sanchez Radio Show.

As for Eric Rosenhek, there's his blog And Now, A Word From the Hek, the recently-faded Audio Circus and - bringing it back around - the FutuRéale podcast.

And okay, it's not like there's absolutely no way to make money in podcasting. But coming into it cold asking how to make money doing it is still goofy. It can be a part of a larger, comprehensive social media effort to help promote your product (even if it's yourself and/or your creative talents), and it can be a successful part when you take seriously your audience and how to best connect with it - which is pretty much always done by not starting with dollar signs in your head.

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