A couple Edmonton updates

You may remember in the Edmonton episode, Description 55, I asked you to bug St. Albert's own Fabulous Singing Suchy Sisters, The Ambers, to get their new music onto their myspace page. Well, they've done it, with a song that was my second choice to play on that episode, as well as another song which I featured on the "Potluck Music Mix #2" episode of the Talking Stick Podcast. So head to myspace and enjoy...then bug them to put up more. ;-)

(Speaking of Talking Stick, that's a wonderful collaborative podcast where all sorts of folks record pieces talking about certain themes, with episodes grouped by theme. It's a really interesting concept, and it's a great chance for people who aren't (yet) podcasters to share a little piece of themselves when a subject strikes their fancy. All you need is the ability to record an .mp3 and something to say for a few minutes! So look into it, and you may find yourself on there someday.)

Okay, back to Edmonton. In last year's episode about the Toronto Fringe, Description 41, I noted how lots of cities around the world have their respective Fringes, which is a terrific way to enjoy little bits of theatre and comedy in one crazy festival. Indeed, the grandaddy of all of them, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, is going on now in Scotland, brilliantly covered by Ewan Spence and his Edinburgh Fringe Show podcast. But a Fringe is also underway in Edmonton through next weekend, and the podcast done by one of the city's alt weeklies, VueWeekly, has put out two episodes rife with clips from Fringe shows (way better-recorded than mine, but I was being sneaky). So check them out through the Vue Wave Podcast feed.

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