Gooch & The Doctor!

It's my last day in Edmonton, where I've recorded enough for two episodes, one of which I'm hoping to pull off before going to Podcasters Across Borders in a couple weeks. But in the meantime...if somehow you remember Description 07, you'll know I was a small part of a certain culture headquartered at 6 Ross. During that halcyon time, there were some short films made by and featuring some of the residents of that house, and another of them is on youtube, hopefully with more to come.

To review, Frank (The Gooch) and Craig (The Doctor) are friends from way back in Sault Ste. Marie. I got to know them when they were in Memory Bank, whose music I played here a couple times. They've gone on to other things, but they're still Gooch and The Doctor, and I'm privileged to know them.

As for their sitcom personae, The Gooch is somewhat similar in real life to Frank, and The Doctor is a little bit like Craig when it's about 2am and he's just finished a mickey of Bacardi. His iconic haircut is no more, and there's no way he would've gotten that far moving that couch by himself.

As for whether they can communicate with each other telepathically? The world may never know...

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