Lost November, Lost Episodes

Ooookay, so I guess I couldn't do a weekly podcast and a daily podcast without the monthly podcast falling by the wayside. Sorry about that. That daily podcast for National Podcast Post Month, No Mood Swing, is finished (though still available at that link - and hint: there's a tiny Walking the Walk update in the last episode), and hopefully that means I can get back to business on this thing. I think I can post Description 75, about my Canadian Thanksgiving trip to New Brunswick, either this week or next.

Something else I've been working on is re-archiving the episodes after learning a while after the fact that my .mp3 host had stopped hosting. Episodes after Description 49 were moved to a couple different spaces of mine. As for episodes before 49, they're going to the beautiful and venerable (and very deserving of your donations!) Internet Archive, home of No Mood Swing, most of Movies For the Blind (that weekly podcast) and thousands and thousands of other things way more important than anything I've cranked out. So far, I've uploaded three batches, which are now arranged on three convenient pages:

Description 40-49 - (July 2007 - January 2008) Featuring Sam the Record Man, the Toronto Fringe, the Jays game, the Dalai Lama, my day doing location support and my trip to the Christmas Story House.

Description 30-39 - (January-June 2007) Including the trips to London, Paris and Hull :-) along with me making Kraft Dinner, driving home and going to Tim Horton's.

Description 19-29 - (June-December 2006) With the two-parter on NXNE, the Montreal Christmas parade, The Doodlebops, the Cleveland visit and the first episodes about Nuit Blanche and the U.S. absentee ballot process.

I want to wait a short while to put up the first 18 because I'm still missing a few, and maybe you might be able to help if you have a troubling habit of archiving podcast episodes you've listened to over the years. (Heck, I did it with Dubber and Spoons to an extent.) If you go into those archives already up, you'll see I'm already missing Description 23 (Honest Ed's) and the enhanced version of Description 37 (The Drive Home). At the moment, I'm still working on finding Description 18 (Valerie Takes the Streetcar), Description 14 (Michael Ignatieff's First Date), Description 05 (Monte-freakin'-forte!) and the first two Descriptions. I must have them somewhere, but let's just say that while I've been pretty good at backing things up, I suck at keeping them together and organised. So as I keep searching - and create that new episode for you, don't forget - if you happen to run across any of those missing episodes somewhere, please let me know and you will get props to no end. Thanks!

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