P.S. Kensington Video

I featured Kensington Market in Description 24, but frankly I was a bit slack about describing it, and the place is always worth revisiting. These days, I'm usually there about once a week to do some grocery shopping, and lately I've found myself there on a Pedestrian Sunday (aka P.S. Kensington).

The idea of P.S. Kensington is to show how much more human a neighbourhood becomes when cars are taken out of the equation - on Sundays from May to October, the main streets of the area are closed to car traffic. To be honest, I've found this a little redundant, since Kensington is already dominated by pedestrians and bicycles regularly taking up the little one-way lanes, very few people with cars and no time choose the place to hurriedly drive through, and everyone pretty much understands that. Shutting it down, then, doesn't seem to be a tremendous effort (unlike the Blackout Anniversary celebration that turned Bloor and Spadina into a piazza). Still, P.S. Kensington means more fun things than usual are made to happen in the streets, and it's a great attention-getter to bring people who aren't usually there to wander and visit the many wonderful independent vendors of the Market.

So here's some video I shot at P.S. Kensington a couple weeks ago while I was on my way to the store, and hopefully you'll get a better idea of the vibe of the place than I gave you a couple years ago. If nothing else, hey - tuba solo!

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