Description 50 - Skating

I lace 'em up for one of Canada's great pastimes (besides complaining, maybe), which turns out to be nothing like riding a bike. Includes lots of non-podsafe music in the background, spilled chocolate milk, wobbly ankles...and yes, a zamboni.

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Associated links
The Natrel Rink @ Harbourfront Centre
QuickTime VR panorama of the Harbourfront Stage next door
Other outdoor rinks in Toronto
Great Canadian male figure skaters: Toller Cranston, Brian Orser, Kurt Browning on The Hour, Elvis Stojko, Jeff Buttle, Emanuel Sandhu and new champion Patrick Chan
Play It Again Sports
Learn to skate with wikiHow
(I was supposed to push off with the other foot! Damn!)

I would've gotten this episode done a couple weeks ago, but instead I went on a pretty crazy trip which you'll hear more about in the next episode. Yes, it'll actually be here in less than a month. I just got back last night, so I'm still zoned enough to not have a heck of a lot more to say about this skating stuff. However...

In researching links for this, I went looking for stuff about Kurt Browning, and fell down a youtube rabbit hole. Seriously, I loved this guy, and probably still do now he's lost most of his hair, is long married with kids, is transitioning from the ice to the broadcast booth, and could walk past me on the street at any moment.

While I did find the program that got me to fall in love with him, "Johnny Guitar" for the 1991 World Championships Gala (see, I told you I used to be a geek with this stuff!), a better primer for anyone who has forgotten or has no idea what the deal is with Kurt Browning would be this clip from a "Skate the Nation" special in '95, where he eventually does his Lyle Lovett thing while hooked up to a microphone. Enjoy, as I step back away from that rabbit hole...

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