When I rambled with Russel

In my meanderings in Second Life, I've met a fellow named Russel who not only is from the Lindsay/Peterborough area (uh, somewhere to the northeast of here a couple hours) but also a podcaster. A couple days ago, Valerie Bethune was shopping for clothes as usual in SL when Russel IM'd me asking if he could interview me on Skype for his show, as it's weekly and he was hurting for content. (See what happens when you make these shows regular?) So I took him up on it and we shot the breeze for an hour or so. Now, it's part of his new episode (35), with me re-hashing the Dubber and Spoons story, giving a preview of my next episode, dissing Global Television, and basically blathering about stuff podcasters blather about when they get together. Russel was a great host (despite the fact he's calling me a "lady" in his episode description), and also has a good audiobook review in the show. Oh, and his opening theme music is wicked! So feel free to check it out.

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